Adelaide French Australian School

A French Australian school will be opened in South Australia in 2017 (see details below).
The Adelaide French School Project is the working title for an initiative to establish a French School in Adelaide. It is being driven by a committee of parents, by the Honorary French Consul of Adelaide and by the Department of Education and Child Development.

French Australian School to be opened in South Australia in  2017

News release from Minister Susan Close, Minister for Education and Development :

"SA primary school to deliver bilingual French-Australian curriculum

A public primary school is set to become the first in South Australia to deliver a joint Australian and French curriculum, following an agreement between the State Government and the French Embassy in Australia.

The school will begin teaching a bilingual curriculum to one class of Reception students in 2017, delivered by locally employed French-speaking teachers skilled in both curriculums.

The school will be selected later this year through an expression of interest process.

Education and Child Development Minister said the arrangement marked an important partnership between the State and the French governments to promote excellence in learning.

"We have a history of working with the French Embassy to provide language support to schools, with recent discussions focused on establishing a French bilingual education model in South Australia," Dr Close said.

"After due consideration, the State Government has opted for a model that teaches a harmonised French and Australian Curriculum.

"The bilingual program will support both French background and second language learners to develop proficiency in French, and develop intercultural understanding.

"The selected model is the most viable and sustainable option, with the potential to expand into a whole school accredited program," Dr Close said.

French Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier visited Adelaide on Thursday to make the announcement.

"French creativity is the fruit of many trees, but particularly of our history and of our education system," Mr Lecourtier said. "History has allowed us to grow on strong roots and nurture a long friendship with Australia.

"On the other hand, our education system has allowed us to train and develop talents; not only amongst French citizens but with students from every part of the world through the network of French school abroad and we are delighted to be part of this project of an Australian-French bilingual program within a public school to be launched in 2017 in South Australia."

The bilingual model to be implemented will:

- Begin in Reception in 2017, where both French and Australian curriculum will be taught.

- Teach 80% of tuition in French and 20% in English in selected subjects in early years;

- From Years 3 to 7, French and English tuition will each be 50%;

- Grow progressively with an additional French bilingual class being added each year.

As students progress to Year 1 in 2018, a new cohort of Receptions will start the bilingual program. By 2024, the first Reception class will still be participating in the bilingual program in Year 7.'

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