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French studies


French is offered as part of: 

It can be taken alongside any other degree in a separate Diploma of Language.

Why study French? 

French is spoken in more than 40 countries, including some of Australia's closest neighbours, and is one of the most widely taught second languages in the world. It is also:

  • a major commercial and scientific language in a united Europe;

  • a language of diplomacy and an official working language of major international organisations (for example the United Nations and affiliated organisations, the European Community, the Olympic Games movement, International Red Cross);

  • the second most widespread and well-distributed language of the media.

French is also a stepping-stone to the easy learning of other Romance languages, such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

What will I study?

Refer to the course rule.

Career opportunities

While French can be studied for the intrinsic value and pleasure of learning another language and its culture, it can be also seen as a professional tool in an increasingly competitive marketplace. French can be a very useful asset in such fields as cultural exchanges, scientific collaboration and the promotion of trade ties between France and Australia.

The study of French (and more generally, the study of languages) helps you develop a range of communicative, organisational, critical and creative transferable skills, as well as fostering cross-cultural understanding.

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