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The University of Adelaide is a world-class tertiary education and research institution committed to delivering high quality and distinct learning, teaching and research experiences.

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French Studies

Whether you have studied French at high school and beyond or never studied it at all, it is possible for you to study French at the University of Adelaide. At all levels of the undergraduate degree there is both a beginners' stream and an advanced stream; so regardless of your existing knowledge of French you can study with us for the entire duration of your degree. You can even study in France!

Through our teaching and research, we help you to acquire both written and spoken language skills and to share in France's rich literary and cultural heritage. The range of offerings in the area of culture is wide: it includes the study of the major works of literature from medieval times through to the twentieth century, as well as courses in French cinema and popular culture, and key aspects of French history and philosophy. Language study is integrated into all of our cultural courses as they all require students to present their work in French.

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