Yoga en Francais

Yoga can help your French language skills and help you to relax.

Yoga en francais is conducted by Annabelle, an experienced yoga instructor and native French-speaker.

Designed to be suitable to a wide range of participants, these yoga meetups are aimed at: 

• both those who are new to yoga as well as experienced yogis et yoginis; and

• both those who have at least a some basic beginner-level understanding of French (class is conducted entirely in French) through to native French-speakers, and

Those who are ready to s'amuser en français!

We don't only learn with the brain but also through the entire body. Yoga provides us with an alternative way of subconsciously improving our understanding of spoken French and increasing our vocabulary in a relaxed environment.

What to wear/bring:  

• Select clothing made of 'breathable' fabrics to help absorb sweat during workouts and keeps body temperature down.  Preferably wear white clothes or very pale/light colored clothes

• Pants should not be too tight or have a belt. Those with an elastic waist will reduce pressure on lower stomach in certain postures. 

• Shoes and socks are not required.

• Tops should not be so loose-fitting that they fall-over your head when bending over.

• Water

• Yoga mat + cushions (2 or firm ones if possible) + blanket

Cancellation policy: The session may be cancelled by the organisers if there are insufficient numbers enrolled 24 hrs prior to the start of the session. If the session is cancelled, all members will be contacted via email sent through the Meetup system (ensure you have not disabled these emails in your profile). This page will also be notated as cancelled. 


• $18.50 per session payable at the start of each session.

•  $160 for package of 10 classes. Valid for 6 months from first session.

Payment is to be made in cash. No credit card facilities are available.  

These prices are applicable to AFLM financial members only.

 Where: Alliance francaise d’Adelaide, 319 Young St, WAYVILLE

When: Tuesdays 9.30am and 11am

Registration: To participate you need to be a registered member of Adelaide French Language Meetup ($5 per year) and RSVP to the specific session you wish to attend.

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